Since 1998, TC has had a distinguished career working with leaders in the areas of healthcare, housekeeping, education, environmental advocacy, Provincial government, International government, community agencies and not-for-profits. Among her areas of expertise are developing leadership curriculums, coaching training, team building retreats, strategic planning workshops, conflict management strategies and strengthening personal leadership practices through one-on-one coaching.

With a Masters in Organizational Leadership & Training and her book on leadership traits of great leaders, TC combines knowledge and decades of experience with her practical Coaching style to inspire her clients to make consequential lifelong changes to their leadership practice. Currently TC is undertaking her doctoral degree in leadership in a post-secondary context. Her research focuses on how innovative policies and governance can create successful pathways for autistic students in a post-secondary context.

Her areas of expertise include: coaching, leadership training, Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence in Action, MBTI, 360 debrief, team building, Chief Executive Securities Officer integration, new leadership support, the pedagogy of leadership and more.

She can be reached at: tc@adaptcoach.com


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